Company Bulletins 2014



CB # Date Addressee Topic
CB 2014-01 01-22-2014 All Insurers Filings Requiring Director’s Approval Submitted After December 1st of Any Given Year
CB 2014-02 03-03-2014 All Qualified Health Plans (QHPS) on the Illinois health Insurance Marketplace Qualified Health Plan Recertification for Plan Year 2015
CB 2014-03 04-09-2014 All Domestic Life, Accident & Health Insurance Companies & Domestic Fraternal Organizations Revised 50 IL Adm Code 1103 Reinsurance Accounting Worksheet
CB 2014-04 05-02-2014 All Life, Accident & Health Insurance Companies, Health Maintenance Organizations, Limited, Health Services Organizations, & Voluntary Health Service Plans Renewals Of Existing Health Plans For Plan Year 2015
CB 2014-05 05-06-2014 All Insurers Illinois Qualified Health Plans For Plan Year 2015
CB 2014-06 05-15-2014 All Insurers Mental Health Parity and Prevention
CB 2014-07 05-21-2014 All Accident and Health Insurers, HMO’s, Limited Health Service Organizations, and Voluntary Health Service Plans Filing of Plans to be Sold ONLY OFF of the Illinois Health Marketplace for 2015 Plan Year
CB 2014-08 05-23-2014 All Insurers Discrimination and Qualified Health Plan (QHP) Certification or Recertification for 2015 Plan Year
CB 2014-09 06-03-2014 All Insurers Review of Life Insurance and Annuity Products for Suitability (Revised)
CB 2014-10 07-28-2014 All Insurers Healthcare for Transgender Individuals

Part 2603 of the Illinois Administrative Code entitled, "Unfair Discrimination Based on Sex, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity or Marital Status" was amended on July 1, 2015, to address the issues contained within Company Bulletin 2014-10.
CB 2014-11 12-01/2014 All Insurers Issuing Individual Annuities or Pure Endowment Contracts in Illinois Policy Form Filings for Compliance with the Amendments to the Minimum Mortality Standard for Individual Annuities
CB 2014-12 12-01-2014 Chief Actuaries of Life / Accident & Health Insurance Companies and Fraternal Organizations Licensed in Illinois Financial Reporting