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What is RSS, & How Do I Use It?


RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It works very easily. There are two ways of taking advantage of RSS feeds. The first way is to download and install a RSS Reader. If you do a search on RSS Readers, you will see numerous ones available for download. Once installed, you add web addresses (URLs) to your Reader list. For the Illinois Department of Insurance that would be: The second way is to use the built in feature on your web browser;...if it has one. You can find out and get instructions to set this up by doing a search on “how to use ‘your browser’ to subscribe to a rss feed”.

When we update our news releases we will also update the folder. When you open your reader you will be able to see if we have added any new news releases. People use RSS Readers so that they can check to see what changes (if any) have been added to their favorite sites. It saves time because you don't have to check each of your favorite sites individually for changes. All changes to your chosen sites are listed in your Reader. Some readers are even equipment with alarms that will display a pop-up informing you that a new story or information has been released by one of the sites you have subscribed to.