Company Bulletins 2018



CB # Date Addressee Topic
CB 2018-01 01-04-2018 Chief Actuaries of Life/Accident and Health Insurance Companies and Fraternal Organizations Licensed in Illinois. Financial Reporting, Health Insurance Reporting, LTC Rate Filings, Valuation Manual.
CB 2018-02 05-01-2018 All Life, Accident & Health Companies, Health Maintenance Organizations, & Voluntary Health Service Plans Renewals of Existing Transitional Health Plans for Plan Year 2019
CB 2018-03 05-01-2018 All Companies Writing Health and Accident Insurance in Illinois Illinois Filing Requirements for Individual and Small Group Health Plans (On and Off-Marketplace)
CB 2018-04 05-02-2018 All Employee Leasing Companies in Illinois Use of independent assurance organizations to satisfy registration requirements under Section 20 of the Employee Leasing Company Act (215 ILCS 113/20)
CB 2018-05 08-28-2018 All Insurance Companies and Entities Licensed or Approved to Provide Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage in the State of Illinois and Their Claims Administrators. Prompt Payment and Payment of Interest to Workers’ Compensation Providers
CB 2018-06 08-29-2018 All Licensed Public Adjusters and Property Casualty Insurance Companies Public Adjuster Practices
CB 2018-07 09-19-2018 All Accident and Health Companies, HMOs, LHSOs, and VHSPs Association Health Plans
CB 2018-08 10-11-2018 Updates Regarding All Company Bulletins Archiving Company Bulletines