Company Bulletins 2018



CB # Date Addressee Topic
CB 2018-01 01-04-2018 Chief Actuaries of Life/Accident and Health Insurance Companies and Fraternal Organizations Licensed in Illinois. Financial Reporting, Health Insurance Reporting, LTC Rate Filings, Valuation Manual.
CB 2018-02 05-01-2018 All Life, Accident & Health Companies, Health Maintenance Organizations, & Voluntary Health Service Plans Renewals of Existing Transitional Health Plans for Plan Year 2019
CB 2018-03 05-01-2018 All Companies Writing Health and Accident Insurance in Illinois Illinois Filing Requirements for Individual and Small Group Health Plans (On and Off-Marketplace)
CB 2018-04 05-02-2018 All Employee Leasing Companies in Illinois Use of independent assurance organizations to satisfy registration requirements under Section 20 of the Employee Leasing Company Act (215 ILCS 113/20)