Company Bulletins 2012



CB # Date Addressee Topic
CB 2012-01 02-29-2012 All companies licensed to write workers compensation insurance in this state pursuant to section 4, class 2(d) of the Illinois insurance code [215 ILCS 5/4, class 2(d)]. Illinois Department of Insurance report detailing the state of workers' compensation insurance market in Illinois.
CB 2012-02 03-15-2012 All Illinois Insurance Producers/Business Entities and Insurance companies. Implementation of mandatory electronic application process for producer/business entity license.
CB 2012-03 05-21-2012 All Companies Filing Life, Accident and Health and Property & Casualty Policy Forms. Mandatory Use of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for Product Filing Submissions.
CB 2012-04 07-31-2012 All Illinois Insurance Companies writing Life Insurance in Illinois. Maximum Valuation Interest Rates for 2013 Life Insurance Issues.
CB 2012-05 08-30-2012 All Life, Accident and Health Companies, HMOs, LHSOs, and VHSPs writing policies or contracts subject to the Federal Health Care Reform Legislation contained in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Preventive Health Care for Women.
CB 2012-06 11-27-2012 All Illinois Insurance Producers/Business entities & Licensed automobile Insurance Companies Office of Foreign Missions (OFM) Diplomatic Motor Vehicle Office.
CB 2012-07

This bulletin has been superseded by Company Bulletin 2014-12
12-06-2012 Chief Actuaries of Life/Accident & Health Insurance Companies & Fraternal Organizations Licensed in Illinois Comments concerning: Financial Reporting, Health Insurance Reporting, & Policy Form Filings
CB 2012-08 12-13-2012 Licensed Property and Casualty Insureres in Illinois, Rating Organizations, Advisory Organizations, and Authorized Filers Requesting Confidential Treatment of Data Contained in Filings Subject to Public Disclosure
CB 2012-09 12-13-2012 All Insurance Companies and Self-Insured Entities/Self-Insured Pools Licensed/Approved to Provide Workers’ Compensation Coverage in this State Notification to Maintain Compliance with the Interest Provisions Contained in 820 ILCS 305/8.2(d)(3)
CB 2012-10 12-19-2012 All domestic companies Authorized to Write Health Insurance in Illinois Financial Reporting of ACA Rebates per SSAP 66
CB 2012-11 12-19-2012 All Insurance Companies and Licensed Insurance Producers Rebating, Value-added Services, Charitable Contributions, Consumer Gifts and Referral Fees
CB 2012-12 Void