Company Bulletins 2009



CB # Date Addressee Topic
CB 2009-01 01-09-2009 All Companies Authorized To Write Property And / Or Casualty Insurance In Illinois Actuarial Opinion Summary Filings - CB 2009-01
CB 2009-02 02-04-2009 Companies Authorized to Transact Insurance Business in Illinois Permitted Practices
CB 2009-04 05-28-2009 Companies Authorized to Transact Credit Insurance Business in Illinois Producer Licensing Requirements Regarding Group Credit Insurance
CB 2009-05 04-13-2009 All Companies, Foreign and Domestic,Authorized to Write
Life and/or Accident and Health Insurance in Illinois
(including Fraternals)
Indexed Annuities are Subject to State Insurance Oversight and Regulation
CB 2009-06 09-29-2009 All Licensed Property & Casualty Insurers Addendum to CB# 2003-03 Guidance on HB1640 and Insurance Scoring Provisions of HB3661
CB 2009-07 11-04-2009 Insurance Companies & Producers Producer Licensing Requirements Applicable To Producers Whose Licenses Renew In January And February of 2010
CB 2009-08 12-11-2009 Chief Actuaries of Life Insurance Companies and Fraternal Organizations Licensed in Illinois Comments Concerning:

Financial Reporting
Health Insurance Reporting
Policy Form Filings
CB 2009-09 12-21-2009 All Companies Authorized To Write Health Insurance In Illinois Supporting Documents Required In Response To Consumer Complaints Involving Rescission of Health Coverage
CB 2009-10 12-22-2009 All Companies Authorized To Write Accident and Health Insurance in Illinois Annual Financial Statement Filing Requirements