Company Bulletins 2007



CB # Date Addressee Topic
CB 2007-01 03-01-2007 All Companies Writing Life Insurance And Annuity Contracts In Illinois Speed To Market Life Insurance And Annuity Policy Form Submission Requirements For All Companies Licensed To Write Class 1 Clause (a) Life Insurance And Annuities In Illinois
CB 2007-04 11-13-2007

All Companies Writing Health Insurance Business
All Preferred Provider Administrators
All Third Party Administrators

Ancillary Providers - Reimbursement
CB 2007-05 12-12-2007 Chief Actuaries of Life Insurance Companies and Fraternal Organizations Licensed in Illinois

Appendix A-822 Of The Accounting Practices And Procedures Manual And Section 7 Actuarial Opinions
Life Policy Form Refilings Due To Mortality Or Interest Rate Changes
X-Factor Actuarial Opinions
Separate Accounts Funding Guaranteed Minimum Benefit Actuarial Opinions
Synthetic Guaranteed Investment Contracts Actuarial Opinions
Equity Indexed Annuity And Equity Indexed Universal Life Certifications
C-3 RBC Certifications
Regulatory Asset Adequacy Issues Summaries
Accident And Health Reserve Standards
Small Group Health Insurance Certifications
Medicare Supplement Refund Calculations