Company Bulletins 2005



CB # Date Addressee Topic
2005-02 09-01-2005 Life/Accident and Health Insurance Company Presidents
Health Maintenance Organization Presidents
Limited Heath Service Organization Presidents
Voluntary Health Service Plan Presidents
Electronic Transmittal of Life, Accident and Health Policy Forms, Health Maintenance Organization Forms, Limited Health Service Organization Forms, Voluntary Health Service Plan Forms
2005-05 11-22-2005 Chief Actuaries of Life Insurance Companies and Fraternal Organizations Licensed in Illinois

Appendix A-822 Of The Accounting Practices And Procedures Manual, Acturial Opinions, Standard Nonforfeiture Law For Individual Deferred Annutties, Standard Nonforfeiture Law For Life Insurance, Credit Life Minimum Reserve Standards, X-Factor Filings, Equity Indexed Annuity And Equity Indexed Universal Life Certifications, The Regulatory Asset Adequacy Issues Summary

2005-04 11-30-2005 All Domestic Companies Authorized to Write Life and/or Accident and Health and Property and Casualty Insurance in Illinois (including fraternals).
All Domestic Health Maintenance Organizations and Limited Health Service Organizations.
All Voluntary Health Services Plans and Dental Service Plans.

Amended Statements