Company Bulletins 1998



CB # Date Addressee Topic
98-1 1-26-98 Company Presidents
All Companies (Indemnities and HMOs) Writing
Health Insurance Business
Company Bulletin #98-1
HIPAA Questions and Answers - Set #2
98-2 1-28-98 Medicare Supplement Insurers Duplication of Medicare Supplement Premium Comparison Guides
98-3 1-26-98 Illinois-licensed Automobile and Homeowner Insurers Annual Personal Lines Survey
98-4 3-20-98 All Property-Casualty companies licensed to write business in the State of Illinois under Class 2 and/or Class 3 Illinois Cost Containment Annual Fee, due May 15, 1998
98-5 3-16-98 All Domestic Companies Authorized to Write Life and/or Accident and Health and Property and Casualty Insurance in Illinois (including selected Farm Mutuals). All Domestic Health Maintenance Organizations and Limited Health Service Organizations. Year 2000 Questionnaire
98-6 4-6-98 All Illinois Licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Companies Year 2000 Coverage and Endorsements
98-6 5-20-98 Company Presidents
All Registered Preferred Provider Administrators
Revised Preferred Provider Administrator Regulation
98-7 5-28-98 All Life Insurance Companies 50 Ill. Adm. Code 1406 (Individual and Group Life Illustration Rule)
98-8 12-1-98 Medicare Supplement Carriers Non-Renewal of Illinois Medicare HMO Contracts