Illinois Department of Insurance Company Bulletins

The Illinois Department of Insurance ("DOI") intends for Company Bulletins to provide timely, relevant, and helpful guidance to insurance companies based on information existing at the time the Bulletin is issued. Company Bulletins are not updated when the underlying regulations change, and DOI anticipates companies will implement the guidance provided shortly after the Bulletin is issued. No Company Bulletin should be relied upon as the primary or current source of law or regulation.


Company Bulletins


Year-Month Date Addressee Topic
CB 2019-02 03-05-2019 All Insurance Companies Authorized to Sell Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance in Illinois Registration with the Illinois Insurance Verification System (ILIVS)
CB 2019-01 02-08-2019 All Insurance companies Submitting Referrals to the Workers’ Compensation Fraud Unit Workers’ Compensation Fraud Unit Referral Form
CB 2018-01 01-04-2018 Chief Actuaries of Life/Accident and Health Insurance Companies and Fraternal Organizations Licensed in Illinois. Financial Reporting, Health Insurance Reporting, LTC Rate Filings, Valuation Manual.
CB 2018-02 05-01-2018 All Life, Accident & Health Companies, Health Maintenance Organizations, & Voluntary Health Service Plans Renewals of Existing Transitional Health Plans for Plan Year 2019
CB 2018-03 05-01-2018 All Companies Writing Health and Accident Insurance in Illinois Illinois Filing Requirements for Individual and Small Group Health Plans (On and Off-Marketplace)
CB 2018-04 05-02-2018 All Employee Leasing Companies in Illinois Use of independent assurance organizations to satisfy registration requirements under Section 20 of the Employee Leasing Company Act (215 ILCS 113/20)
CB 2018-05 08-28-2018 All Insurance Companies and Entities Licensed or Approved to Provide Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage in the State of Illinois and Their Claims Administrators. Prompt Payment and Payment of Interest to Workers’ Compensation Providers
CB 2018-06 08-29-2018 All Licensed Public Adjusters and Property Casualty Insurance Companies Public Adjuster Practices
CB 2018-07 09-19-2018 All Accident and Health Companies, HMOs, LHSOs, and VHSPs Association Health Plans
CB 2018-08 10-11-2018 Updates Regarding All Company Bulletins Archiving Company Bulletines
CB 2018-09 10-18-2018 All Insurance Companies approved to Provide Workers’ Compensation insurance Coverage in the State of Illinois Workers’ Compensation Rating
CB 2018-10 10-18-2018 All Entities and Persons Engaged in Pharmacy Benefit Management Pharmacy Benefit Management Registration, Licensing and Activities
CB 2018-11 11-20-2018 Chief Actuaries of Life/Accident and health Insurance Companies and Fraternal Organizations Licensed in Illinois Comments Concerning: Health Insurance Reporting, Rate Filings, Valuation Manual
CB 2018-12 12-04-2018 All Companies and other Entities Licensed to Transact Insurance Business in the State of Illinois Suspension of Cancellation, Non-renewal and Premium Payments
CB 2018-13 12-11-2018 All Insurance Companies Approved to Provide Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage in the State of Illinois 215 ILCS 5/462a - Workers’ Compensation Rating Premium Notice
CB 2017-01 03-10-2017 All Life, Accident & Health Companies, Health Maintenance Organizations, Limited Health Service Organizations, & Voluntary Health Service Plans Renewals of Existing Transitional Health Plans for Plan Year 2018
CB 2017-04 11/20/2017 Workers’ Compensation Preferred Provider Program (Insurers Only) Workers’ Compensation Preferred Provider Program Registration/Renewal Fees
CB 2017-05 12/21/2017 All Accident and Health companies, HMOs, LHSOs, and VHSPs Step Therapy Requirement Exceptions
CB 2016-02 02-05-2016 All Insurers Illinois-Specific Small Group composite Premium Method
CB 2016-08 10-11-2016 All Illinois Licensed Workers’ Compensation Companies Additional Information Request for 2017 NCCI Rate Filing Response
CB 2015-03 02/24/2015 All Illinois Licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Companies Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2015 & Filing Procedures & Requirements for Terrorism Related Forms Rules & Rates
CB 2014-01 01-22-2014 All Insurers Filings Requiring Director’s Approval Submitted After December 1st of Any Given Year
CB 2013-04 03-20-2013 All Insurers Qualified Health Plan Fees
CB 2013-08 05-31-2013 All Companies Writing Dental Insurance in Illinois Supplemental Guideline for Filing Stand-Alone Dental Plans
CB 2012-08 12-13-2012 Licensed Property and Casualty Insureres in Illinois, Rating Organizations, Advisory Organizations, and Authorized Filers Requesting Confidential Treatment of Data Contained in Filings Subject to Public Disclosure
CB 2012-11 12-19-2012 All Insurance Companies and Licensed Insurance Producers Rebating, Value-added Services, Charitable Contributions, Consumer Gifts and Referral Fees
CB 2011-07 06-02-2011 All Companies Authorized to Write Health Insurance In Illinois Nonparticipating Facility-Based Physicians and Providers Dispute-215ILCS 5 / 356z.3a
CB 2011-08 06-28-2011 All Companies Filing Certain Separate Account Insurance products The purpose ofthis bulletin is to remind Illinois domestics of the appropriate procedures for seeking approval to establish certain separate accounts.
CB 2009-06 09-29-2009 All Licensed Property & Casualty Insurers Addendum to CB# 2003-03 Guidance on HB1640 and Insurance Scoring Provisions of HB3661