DOI Bruce Rauner Governor Anne Melissa Dowling, Acting Director

Fee Schedule

The following is a list of fees mandated by Public Act 93-32.

Portable Electronic Limited License $500.00
Resident Producer License $180.00/2 yr.
Non-Resident Producer License $250.00/2 yr.
Renewal fee for Resident and Non-Residents $180.00/2 yr. (residents)
$250.00/2 yr. (nonresidents)
Nonresident Limited Lines License $200.00/2 yr.
Penalty/Reinstatement Fee (in addition to license fee) $180.00/2 yr. (residents)
$250.00/2 yr. (nonresidents)
Temporary License Fee $50.00
Business Entity $150.00/2 yr.
Renewal Fee – Business Entity $150.00/2 yr.
Certification/Clearance Letter (per letter) $10.00
Corporation/Partnership Premium Finance License $400.00
Individual Premium Finance License $400.00
Third Party Administrator License $200.00
Third Party Prescription Program $50.00
Public Adjuster License $250.00/2 yr.
Public Adjuster Business Entity $250.00/2 yr.
Viatical Settlement Broker - Producer $500.00
Viatical Settlement Broker - Business Entity $500.00
Employee Leasing Company $1,000.00
Health Care Purchasing Group $200.00
Health Care Purchasing Group Sponsor $200.00
Education Provider New and Annual Registration Fee $1,000.00
New Course Certification Fee $50.00
Course Renewal Fee $20.00
Car Rental Limited License $180.00 (residents)
$250.00 (nonresidents)
Self-Service Storage Facility Limited License $50.00/2 yr.