DOI Bruce Rauner Governor Anne Melissa Dowling, Acting Director

General Information

Hearings are held in either the Department’s Springfield or Chicago office

Springfield Office
Illinois Department of Insurance
320 W. Washington St., 4th Floor
Springfield, IL  62767
(217) 782-4515 Phone
(217) 782-5020 Fax
(866) 323-5321 TDD
(866) 445-5364 Toll Free Consumer Line

Chicago Office
Illinois Department of Insurance
122 S. Michigan Ave., 19th Floor
Chicago, IL  60603
(312) 814-2420 Phone
(312) 814-5416 Fax
(866) 323-5321 TDD
(866) 445-5364 Toll Free Consumer Line

Questions about your hearing
Your Notice of Hearing lists the appropriate persons to contact if you have questions regarding your hearing.  Be advised that questions must be limited to the procedural aspects of the case and the Department cannot offer you legal advice.

Disability Accommodations
Please contact the appropriate Department office where your hearing is scheduled if you require special disability accommodations, or call the Illinois Relay Services by dialing 711. Service animals are allowed.

Translation services are available on request
Please contact the persons listed on the Notice of Hearing.

Public parking
Public parking is available near the Department’s Chicago and Springfield offices, please contact the main number at the appropriate location for further information.

You should bring the following on the day of your hearing:
  1. A valid form of photo identification is required for your entry and may include any one of the following:
    • Valid driver’s license or state identification card from any U.S. state
    • Valid U.S. passport or valid passport issued by any other country
    • Any valid military identification
    • Any valid picture identification issued by a government entity within the U.S.
    • Valid identification issued by a foreign consulate
  2. Evidence:  Three copies of any documents, records, or other relevant materials that are intended to be offered into the Record in support of your matter.
  3. Witnesses: Inform the Hearing Officer of any witnesses testifying on your behalf.
    Witnesses are required to present a valid form of photo identification, as above.

Attorney representation
If you choose to be represented by counsel, he or she must file a Notice of Appearance as indicated in the Notice of Hearing. 

Contact the appropriate Department office if you are running late for your hearing

Failure to appear for hearing shall result in default
Failure of a party to appear on the date set for hearing, or failure to proceed as ordered by the Hearing Officer, shall constitute a default. The Hearing Officer shall thereupon enter such Findings, Opinions, and Recommendations as is appropriate under the pleadings and such evidence as he/she shall receive into the record.  50 Ill. Adm. Code 2402.200

General format of Hearing:
  • The Hearing Officer will open the Hearing by giving an introduction, asking individuals to state their name for the record, introduce procedural exhibits such as the Authority to Conduct the Hearing, Notice of Hearing, Request for Hearing, Motions and Orders.  The Hearing Officer may invite parties to make any legal motions or address any concerns before opening statements. 
  • Opening Statements.  An opening statement is a preview of your case and should not contain every detail of your case. The purpose of an opening statement is to help the Hearing Officer understand the case that you will present. Your evidence is not introduced at this stage of the proceeding. Opening statements are not required.
  • Department’s presentation.   The Department will proceed with their case in chief by offering testimony from witnesses and/or submission of evidence.  At the end of the Department’s case you may cross-examine the witnesses but such questions are limited to the testimony given.
  • Your presentation.  This is your opportunity to provide testimony and evidence you believe are relevant to your case and which you want the Hearing Officer to consider when making his/her recommendation to the Director.  Please be advised that the Hearing Officer does not have any documents you may have previously submitted to the Department. If you want the Hearing Officer to consider such documents you must present them at the Hearing and specifically ask that they be entered into the Record.  If you have witnesses testifying on your behalf, the Department will have an opportunity to cross-examine those witnesses.
  • The Hearing Officer may ask questions of you or any testifying witness.
  • Closing Statements.  At the conclusion of the presentation by both parties, the Hearing Officer will allow parties to make any closing remarks or summary of their case. The Hearing Officer will then conclude by giving a summary of what happens after he/she closes the hearing.

Submission of Briefs
After the hearing, there are no further opportunities to speak to the Hearing Officer in person. However, you may ask to submit a written argument to the Hearing Officer called a “brief,” but that request must be done prior to the conclusion of the hearing. A brief is not required. Normally, you have 10 days after the close of the hearing to submit the brief, but the Hearing Officer may specify a different deadline. 50 Ill. Adm. Code. 2402.250.

Transcription of the hearing
A court reporter will be retained by the Department to transcribe the hearing, or an official audio recording will be made. If you wish to have a copy of the transcript you must speak to the Hearing Officer before the hearing. There may be costs associated to getting a copy. 50 Ill. Adm. Code 2402.240(a).

Appealing the final decision
The Director’s final decision or Order contains written instructions on appealing the decision. Generally, the first step is to request a rehearing as it will show the court (should you later file a lawsuit) that you have exhausted your administrative remedies. Unlike your request for the original hearing, the Department is not required to grant you a rehearing or to reopen your previous hearing unless good cause is shown. Additionally, the Director may, in his discretion, reopen a hearing if the record is inadequate for purposes of judicial review. The Department must receive your request within 10 days of the mailing date of the Director’s Order or your request for a rehearing will be denied as untimely.  50 Ill. Adm. Code 2402.280.

In order to appeal the Director’s final decision or Order, the complaint must be filed and summons must be issued within 35 days from the date the copy of the decision sought to be reviewed was served upon the party affected by the decision. See 735 ILCS 5/3-101 et seq.

Please see 50 Ill. Adm. Code 2402 for all of the Department’s Administrative Hearing procedures.